Moss, Florida Moss (Cladophora Hauptus) SHRIMP FOOD ! Make a Moss Ball !


Simply Green Florida Moss (Cladophora Hauptus) 


Simply Green Florida Moss (Cladophora Hauptus) - one bag (What you see in the pictures x 5.) Make your own moss balls !
Live Aquarium Plant, healthy plants ! Easy to grow. Imagine your fish tank decoration with a nice coat of moss or even Sponge Bob with a green wig? Attach by simply using superglue or a rubber band. My Cherry shrimp love it. Snails love it, if you breed them, they will thrive on them. This is a real live plant that provides oxygen to your tank and offers

hiding areas for small fry and fish babies. Cut and trim as needed to create a carpet or even trees. We clean our plants from any snails before shipping. Make your aquascape nice and green with our Simply Green Cladophora Hauptus aquatic live plants.

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